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Teresa Vibar, Principal

1700 Summit Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55105

651-293-8860 | Get Directions

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360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

651-767-8100 | Get Directions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Library Hours

    What time does the library open?

    The library is open before school, starting at 7:10 AM.

    How late is the library open after school?

    The library is open after school until 3:00 PM.

    Can I come to the library during the school day?

    Students may come to the library with a pass from their teacher anytime EXCEPT during 2nd hour. (Mrs. Krajicek teaches a class and the library is closed during 2nd hour.) Students who wish to come to the library during lunch may request a lunch pass from Mrs. Krajicek in the morning or during passing. 


    Borrowing Library Materials

    How do I find a book that I want to read?

    Students can search the RMS Library's catalog using Destiny from any computer or iPad. Use this link while in school and this link from home.

    How do I check out an ebook?

    How do I check out books?

    Students need their student ID number. Just stop at the circulation desk and we'll do the rest!

    How many books can I check out at a time?

    Students may borrow up to two (2) books at a time.

    What if I changed my mind and don't want my book anymore?

    You can return books anytime. Just put them in the book return outside the library doors or at the circulation desk.

    What if I need my book for longer?

    You can always bring your book(s) in to the library and extend your check-out. 


    Requesting Library Materials

    There is a book I want to read but it isn't available at Ramsey. Can I request a book for the library?

    Students and staff can request titles by submitting a book request here:


    Reporting Lost or Damaged Library Materials

    What if I have lost a book?

    Students should report a lost book to Mrs. Krajicek and make arrangements to replace or pay it. There are several options for students, including working in the library after school and reading off debts. 

    What if my book is damaged or vandalized?

    Report any damage or vandalism to Mrs. Krajicek.